Revised Syllabus for the F.Y.B.A. (Sem I) Microeconomics – I Course: Economics UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI

Aaj is video mein hum aapko bataayenge Mumbai university ka Bachelor of Arts course ke subject Economics mein jo Microeconomics – I hai jo F.Y.B.A. mein hai uske syllabus ke baare mein. Revise hua hai syllabus.


Revised Syllabus for the F.Y.B.A. (Sem I)
Microeconomics – I
Course: Economics

(As Per Choice Based Credit System with effect from the academic
year 2019-20)

This course is designed to expose the students to the basic principles of
microeconomic theory. The emphasis will be on the development of analytical thinking with the
help of statistical tools among the students and develop the skill of application of
microeconomics concepts to analyze the real life situations.

Module – I: Introduction to Microeconomics (12 Lectures)
Microeconomics: Meaning, Scope, Nature, Importance and Limitations; Basic Economic
Problems; Role of Price Mechanism in a Market Economy; Positive Economics and Normative
Economics; Concepts of Equation, Functions, Graphs, Diagrams, Line, Slope and Intercept

Module – II: Ten Principles of Economics (12 Lectures)
Trade-Off Faced by the Individuals; Significance of Opportunity Cost in Decision Making;
Thinking at the Margin; Responses to incentives; Benefits from Exchange; Organization of
Economic Activities through Markets and its Benefits; Role of Government in improving Market
Outcomes; Dependence of Standard of Living on Production; Growth in Quantity of Money;
Inflation and Unemployment Trade Off

Module – III: Markets, Demand and Supply (12 Lectures)
What is a Market; What is Competition; Demand Curves: Market Demand versus Individual
Demand, Movements along the Demand Curve, Shifts in the Demand Curve; Supply Curves:
Market Supply and Individual Supply, Shifts in Supply Curve; Market Equilibrium – Three Steps
to Analyze Changes in Equilibrium; Price Elasticity of Demand, Methods of Measuring Price
Elasticity of Demand – Total Outlay Method, Percentage Method and Point Method; Concepts of
Income Elasticity of Demand, Cross Elasticity of Demand and Promotional Elasticity of Demand

Module IV: Consumer’s Behavior (12 Lectures)
Introduction to Cardinal and Ordinal Approaches; Indifference Curve Analysis – Properties of
Indifference Curves, Budget Line, and Consumer’s Equilibrium; Income, Price and Substitution
Effect; Derivation of Demand Curve; Consumer’s Surplus: Strong Ordering and Weak Ordering

To doston ye thi jankari Microeconomics I syllabus ki FYBA ke liye Mumbai University ke liye. Next video mein mai aapko Microeconomics 2 ka revised syllabus bataunga. Video acchi lagi to aap ise like aur share bhi kar sakte hai. Hamari yahi hai ki aapko career se jude har cheez ke baare mein hum jankari dete rahen. To aur bhi useful videos aate rahenge is channel par. Mai milunga aapko next video mein jald hi. Dhanyawaad.

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