Ph. D. in Sociology ke career options aur syllabus kya hai?

Doston agar aap Ph. D. in Sociology karne ka soch rahe hai ya kar rahe hai to ye video aapke liye bahut useful hogi. Aaj is video mein mai aapko Ph. D. in Sociology ke career options ke baare mein to bataunga hi par saath hi aapko iske syllabus ka bhi ek basic explanation dunga. To dhyan se dekhiye is video ko.

Ph. D. in Sociology ek doctoral course hai. Aapko Sociology se related research work mein interest hona chahiye. Ye course eligible candidates ke liye is tarah se design kiya gaya hai ki unhe paryapt skills mil paye jo unhe chahiye professional researchers aur academics banne ke liye. Academics yaani teachers ya professors. Is course ke major components jo hai wo hai basic academic aur research projects.

Aur agar hum syllabus ki baat karte hai Ph. D. in Sociology mein to isme jo topics hote hai usme se kuch topics aapko bata deta hu-
Isme jo subjects normally ho sakte hai wo hai ye:

The meaning and characteristics of sociological theory
Type of theories
Relationship between theory and research
The emergence of functionalism
Functional dimensions of social system: Talcott Parsons
Codification of functional analysis: Robert King Merton
Conflict theory
Marx critique and dialectics of conflict: Ralf Dahrendorf
Conflict functionalism: Lewis Coser
The power elite: C. Wright Mills
Interactionist perspective
Symbolic interactionism: Herbert Mead
Phenomenological sociology: Alfred Schutz
Ethnomethodology: Harold Garfinkel
Structuralism, post-structuralism and post-modernism
Anthropological structuralism: Claude Levi-Strauss
Deconstruction: Jacques Derrida
Relationship between knowledge and power: Michel Foucault

In subjects mein doston aapko ye cheezein ho sakti hai.
Advanced sociological research methods
Ethnographic approaches to studies
Sociological theory of race and gender
Urban sociology
Globalization and political science
Dynamics of the shifting social world
Devising solutions to difficult social problems.

Phir Criminal Justice- Corrections, Rehabilitation, Law Enforcement, The Justice System, Parole System

Business and Industry- Advertising, Consumer and Market Research, Management of Non-profit organizations, Human Resources, Training and Human Development, Leadership Training.

Research and Planning- Governmental and Regional Planning Departments, Research Firms, Evaluation Research, Public Opinion Research.

Agencies-Social Services, Mental Health Services, Adoption, Child Care, Youth Services, Developmental Disability Services.

Education- Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, Administration, Alumni Relations, Placement Offices, Educational Research.

Advocacy- Environmental, Child Welfare, National Policies, Victim Rights, Labor Rights, Community Organization.

Communications- Technical Writing, Newspaper and Magazine Reporting, Public Relations.

Mitro industry ki baat karu toh ye kuch areas hai jahan employment aap paa sakte ho
Research Departments
Human resource departments
Educational Institutes
Social Defence, Criminology and Correctional Administration
Ministry of social justice and empowerment

Aaiye doston ab baat karte hai job profies ki jo aap paa sakte hai Ph. D. in Sociology ke baad.

College Professor
Political Scientist
Policy Analysts
Management Consultants
Social Workers
Survey Researchers
Human Resources (HR) Representatives
Public Relations Specialists
Guidance Counselors

To doston agar aapko video pasand aayi to like karna na bhule aur haa subscribe jis kisi ne bhi nahi kiya hai is channel ko wo niche jo laal color ka button hai use dabaakar kar sakte ho subscribe. Agar aapko is tara ke videos aur chahiye is channel par to hume comments dwaara zarur bataiye ya kisi aur tarah ke bhi videos chahiye ho to bataiye. Mai milunga aapko next video mein jald hi. Dhanyawaad.

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