MA Psychology ke subjects

Namaskar Mitro mai hu Vicky Shetty. Aaj mai aapko bataaunga MA Psychology course ke subjects ke baare mein. Mitron maine MA Psychology par ek detailed video already banai hui hai jisme maine aapko uske kaafi saare course details jaise job profiles, employment areas waghera bataye hue hai. Us video ka link maine is video ke description mein de dia hai.

To aaiye shuru karte hai. Dhyan rahe mitro kuch subjects institute to institute thode alag ho sakte hai.

2 saal ka course hota hai jo 4 semesters mein divided hota hai.

First year
Semester I
Applied Psychometry
Cognitive Processes
Emotions in Everyday Life
Paradigms of Psychology

Statistics and Experimental Design
Social Psychology
Basic Organizational Processes
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Applied Developmental psychology

Second year
Indian Psychology and its Applications
Multivariate Techniques
Group Processes in Organizations
Training and Development
Positive Psychology
Self inPsychoanalytic Thought
Listening and Communicating
Development of Theories of Mind

Appreciating Diversity
Organizational Development and Change
Human Resource Practices
Psychology of Advertising
Psychology at the Margins
Gender: A Psycho-Social Understanding
Development of Social Psychology
Cognitive Development during Infancy and Early Childhood

To yeh the subjects MA Psychology ke. Doston video acchi lagi to like karo aur share zarur karna sabke saath. Dhanyawaad

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