BBA 3rd year ke subjects and Specialisations

Namaskar Mitro, Mai hu Vicky aur Haal kaisa hai aapka. Maine apne pichle kuch videos mein BBA 1st aur 2nd years ke subjects bataaye the. Aaiye dekhte aaj 3rd year ke subjects BBA ke liye.
Ye subjects hai Pune University ke hisaab se. Zyaadatar to same hi rahenge sabke liye par kuch subjects alag ho sakte hai kuch institutes mein.

Sem 5
Supply & Chain Logistics
Isme honge Physical distribution – Definition, Importance – participants in physical distribution, Inventory jaise topics

Entrepreneurship Development
Isme honge Opportunity search : Divergent Thinking Mode : Meaning and Objectives – Tools, Business Plan jaise topics

Business Ethics
Isme honge Business Ethics in Global Economy, Moral issues in Business jaise topics

Research Methodology
Isme honge Research Process, Data processing and analysis jaise topics

Specialisation – 1
Specialisation – 2

Sem 6
Business Planning and Project Management
Isme honge Initial Project Coordination, Network Techniques jaise topics

Event Management
Isme honge Concept of Event management, Marketing Event jaise topics

Management Control System
Isme honge Information Theory, Computer Systems, management control of projects jaise topics

Isme honge Internet, Electronic payment system, Internet marketing jaise topics

Specialisation – 3
Specialisation – 4 (Project Work)

Specialisations honge inme se:
1) Finance 2) Marketing 3) Human Resource Management 4) Service Sector Management
5) Agree Business Management 6) Systems 7) Operations


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