BA Hindi Subjects

Aaiye aaj apko usme jo subjects hai unke baare me bata deta hu. Dhyan rahe kuch subjects institute to institute thode alag ho sakte hai.

3 years ka course hai jo 6 semesters me divided hota hai.
Sem 1
1. Communicative Skills
2. Critical reasoning, writing and presentation
3. Communication skills in other languages
4. Prose and One-act Plays
5. History of Hindi Literature (Adikal and Madhyakal)
6. Hindi Literature in Kerala

Sem 2
1. Reading Literature
2. Readings on Indian constitution, Secularism and sustainable environment
3. Translation and communication in Hindi
4. Translation-Theory and Practice
5. History of Hindi Literature (Adhunik kal-Gadya)
6. Literature of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam (Hindi Translations)

Sem 3
1. Literature and contemporary issues
2. Literature in other languages
3. General Informatics and Computer Application in Hindi
4. Applied Grammar
5. History of Hindi Literature (Adhunik kal-Padya)
6. Comparative Literature

Sem 4
1. History and philosophy of science
2. Culture and civilization
3. Drama and Theatre in Hindi
4. Perspectives of Humanities and Languages and Methodology
5. Correspondence and Secretarial Practice in Hindi
6. Environmental Studies

Sem 5
1. Linguistics
2. Contemporary Hindi Literature
3. Indian Literary Thoughts
4. Poetry (Ancient and Medieval); Prosody and Poetics
5. Open course Spoken Hindi/Business Hindi/Interpretation
6. Project – Literary Translation

Sem 6
1. Modern Poetry in Hindi
2. Novel and Short stories in Hindi
3. History of Hindi Language
4. Western Literary Thoughts
5. Elective course Journalism and Mass Communication/Folk Literature/Radio Broadcasting
6. Project-Literary Translation

To ye the BA in Hindi ke subject details. Video accha laga to like aur share zarur karna mitro.

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