Bachelor of Science Physics ke subjects

Mitro pichle blog aur video mein maine B.Sc Physics ke course details batae the. Aaj aapko bataaunga mai B.Sc Physics course ke subjects.

Dhyan rahe mitro kuch subjects institute to institute thode alag ho sakte hai. Ye subjects mai aapko bata raha hu Mumbai University ke anusaar.

Mitro BSc Physics ke subjects ke topics kuch units me divided hote hai. Wo aap samaj jayenge jab bataunga abhi mai. Toh aaiye shuru karte hai.

Semester 1:
Classical Physics –
Unit I: Newton’s Laws, Elasticity, Fluid Dynamics
Unit II: Lens Maker’s Formula (Review), Equivalent focal length of two thin lenses aur Aberration jaise topics
UNIT III: Behavior of real gases and real gas equation, Thermodynamic Systems, Concept of Heat jaise topics

Modern Physics –
Unit I: Isme honge Structure of Nuclei, Radioactivity, Carbon dating jaise topics
Unit II: Interaction between particles and matter, Nuclear Reactions jaise topics
Unit III: Isme honge Origin of Quantum theory, X-Rays production and properties, Compton Effect se jude topics

Practicals 1

Semester 2:
Mathematical Physics –
Unit I: Vector Algebra, Gradient, divergence and curl se jude topics
Unit II: Differential equations, Transient response of circuits se jude topics
Unit III: Superposition of Collinear Harmonic oscillations, Superposition of two perpendicular Harmonic Oscillation, Wave Motion se jude topics

Electricity and Electronics –
Unit I : Alternating current theory, AC bridges se jude topics
Unit II: Electronics se jude topics
Unit III : Electrostatics and Magnetostatics se jude topics

Practicals 2

Semester 3
Mechanics and thermodynamics –
Isme bhi 3 units hai jisme kaafi saare topics hai Mechanics and thermodynamics se related

Vector calculus and Analog Electronics –
Unit I: Vector Calculus
Unit II: Analog Electronics
Unit III: Analog Electronics

Applied Physics -I
Unit 1 : Acoustics , Lasers and fibre optics
Unit II : Biophysics
Unit III : Materials – properties and applications

Practical course -3

Semester 4
Optics and Digital Electronics-
UNIT I: Diffraction
Unit II: Polarization
Unit III: Digital Electronics

Quantum Mechanics-
Unit –I: The Schrodinger wave equation
Unit-II: Applications of Schrodinger steady state equation
Unit-III: Applications of Schrodinger steady state equation –II

Applied Physics-II-
Unit 1 : Introduction to Geophysics
Unit II : Microprocessors
Unit III : Radiation Physics, Radio communication

Practical course -4

Semester 5:
Mathematical, Thermal and Statistical Physics-
Unit I: Probability
Unit II: Differential Equations and Transforms
Unit III: Thermal and Statistical Physics
Unit IV: Thermal and Statistical Physics

Solid State Physics-
Unit I: Crystal Physics
Unit II: Electrical properties of metals
Unit III: Conduction in Semiconductors
Unit IV: Diode, magnetism and superconductivity

Atomic and Molecular Physics-
Isme bhi 4 units hai jisme kaafi saare topics hai Atomic and Molecular Physics se related

UNIT I: Electrostatics
UNIT II: Polarization and Magnetostatics
UNIT III: Magnetism and Varying Fields
UNIT IV: Electromagnetic waves

Practicals- 5

Semester 6:
Classical Mechanics-
UNIT I: Central Force
UNIT II: Lagrange’s equations
UNIT III: Fluid Motion and Rigid body rotation
UNIT IV: Non Linear Mechanics

Isme bhi 4 units hai jisme alag alag topics hai electronics se related

Nuclear Physics-
UNIT I : Alpha & Beta Decay
UNIT II: Gamma Decay & Nuclear Models
UNIT III: Particle Accelerators & Energy Generation
UNIT IV: Meson theory & Elementary particles

Special Theory of Relativity-
UNIT I: Special Theory of Relativity & Relativistic Kinematics
UNIT II: Relativistic Kinematics
UNIT III : Relativistic Dynamics
UNIT IV: Relativity and Electromagnetism

Practicals – 6

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