B.Sc Agriculture ke subjects

Namaskar Mitro mai hu Vicky Shetty. Aur haal kaisa hai aapka? Mitro maine B.Sc Agriculture ke course details par ek blog aur video banai thi par uske subjects nahi bataye the. Aaj aapko bataaunga mai B.Sc Agriculture course ke subjects.

Dhyan rahe mitro kuch subjects institute to institute thode alag ho sakte hai. Ye subjects mai aapko bata raha hu Tamilnadu Agricultural University ke anusaar. To aaiye shuru karte hai.

4 years ka course hai aur 8 semesters me divided hota hai.

I Year I Semester
Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural Heritage
Fundamentals of Information Technology
Applied Mathematics
Principles of Analytical Chemistry
Introduction to Agricultural Botany
English for effective communication
Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology
National Service Scheme/ National Cadet Corps
Physical Education
Yoga for Human Excellence

I Year II Semester
Fundamentals of Agricultural Meteorology
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Fundamentals of Plant Physiology
Principles of Economics
Principles and practices of sericulture
Principles of Environmental Sciences
Principles of Food Science and Nutrition
Agro Forestry
Development Education
National Service Scheme/ National Cadet Corps
Physical Education
Yoga for Human Excellence

II year III Semester
Weed Management
Fundamentals of Entomology
Irrigation Management
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology
Fundamentals of Soil Science
Livestock and Poultry Production Management
Fundamentals of Microbiology
Dimensions of Agricultural Extension
Farm Power and Machinery
Production Economics and Farm Management
National Service Scheme/ National Cadet Corps
Physical Education

II year IV Semester
Agronomy of field Crops- I
Production Technology of Fruits and Plantation Crops
Principles and Practices of Seed Production
Fundamentals of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
Applied Statistics
Renewable Energy
Study Tour
Economic Entomology and Principles of Pest Management
Principles of Genetics and Cytogenetics
Soil Resource Inventory and Problem Soils
Introductory Nematology
National Service Scheme/ National Cadet Corps
Physical Education

III year V semester
Crop Production-I
Agronomy of field Crops- II
Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and Manures
Pests of Field Crops and their Management
Diseases of Field Crops and Their Management
Plant Biotechnology
Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding
Soil and Applied Microbiology
Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices
Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
Seed Quality Regulation and Storage
National Cadet Corps

III year VI semester
Principles and practices of cropping and Farming Systems
Crop Production – II
Crop and Pesticide Chemistry
Extension Methodologies and Transfer of Agricultural Technology
Pests of Horticultural Crops and their Management
Fundamentals and Applications of nanotechnology
Post Harvest and Food Engineering
Environmental Pollution and Management
Production Technology of Vegetables and Spice crops
Soft skills for Employability
Experiential Learning – I
Principles of plant disease management
National Cadet Corps

IV year VII semester
Rural Agricultural Work Experience – RAWE (VSP+ADA+NGO+INDUSTRY)
Project Work
All India Tour

IV year VIII semester
Organic Farming
Breeding Field and Horticultural crops
Diseases of Horticultural crops and their management
Agricultural Finance, Banking and Co-operation
Production Technology of Flowers, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops
Experiential Learning – II
Climate Change and Disaster Management
Optional Course
Project Work

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